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Before I went on the trek to Chyamtang in the fall of 2014, I wondered whether we really needed to help the people of the Bhotkhola (the name for the Bhote people of the Upper Arun River). They are a simple, happy people. Do they really need our help? I returned to the U.S. thinking they very much can use our aid, and this is why: Civilization is quickly coming their way, and they need to modernize and understand what's facing them in order to avoid getting run over by development. Right here on the Arun, a hydropower plant is about to be built. A road ends here now but a bridge will soon connect to a road well under construction on the other side. It leads to Chyamtang and will be there in a matter of a few years. We can help them preserve their land, their way of life and their culture. There is no time to wait.

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