John Peel

Durango writer John Peel made the trek with Karma and company to Chyamtang this past October and shares some images and thoughts from his experience.



The children of Nepal were eager to see, watch, learn from, play with and touch us Americans. They are shy, to a point. But once you establish a bond, it's a very real one, and they are your friend. Here in Num, the end of the road, Abi Moore looks at a book with two village children. The kids certainly loved the younger members of our contingent, but they glommed on to anyone with a smile who would speak or play with them. We took a Frisbee with us on the trek, and it proved to be a great way to break the ice. You can see a game going on in the background of this photo. Each bond we made meant a richer experience for us.

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